Daily Wordle #212 (Jan 17 2022) Answers

If you are stuck and are looking for help then here is the Daily Wordle #212 (Jan 17 2022) Answer and Solution. This is a fantastic word puzzle game developed by Josh Wardle and is available every single day. You are basically given 6 tries before you find the correct five-letter word answer. Some of the words given are quite difficult that is why I have decided to share every single day all the Daily Wordle Answers and Solutions. Please leave a comment below in how many tries did you find it.

The Daily Wordle Answer for today is:


Please keep in mind the solution given above is for Wordle #212 date January 17 2022 played at the official website. Any other similar games can have different answers and solutions.

SHIRE Definition and Meaning?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, a county, now used in combination in the names of many British counties.

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